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Alumni and Friends

Sure, you could have started somewhere else. But you and more than 168,000 alumni were smart enough to choose ۰ı as the place to fuel your goals. You wanted a great education without heavy debt dragging you down when you graduated. Two words come to mind: Well done.

To make the most of your educational vigor, join the ۰ıAlumni Association. When you do, you’ll tap into the vast network of other smart, successful ۰ıgraduates.

Through this site we hope to inform our Alumni Association members and all ۰ıgraduates of this Association's activities and ۰ıcampus developments, programs and events.

We sincerely hope that everyone interested in learning more about the Alumni Association and ۰ıwill find this site helpful. We encourage you to visit regularly for current campus news and activities.

2024 ۰ıAlumni Association Honoree Dinner

Let's Celebrate The Year Of The Lion


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