Health and Physical Education

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Phone: 516.572.7518
Location: Physical Education - 218
Chairperson: Prof. Jessica Marra 


The Health, Physical Education & Recreation Department offers a variety of elective courses that educate students to facilitate healthy lifestyle choices. 


The Health course offerings are designed to provide students with a comprehensive and multidisciplinary understanding of health and wellness. We offer a diverse and engaging curriculum to explore the complexities of health and contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities. Our courses equip students with essential concepts and skills for lifelong well-being, encompassing social and emotional proficiency, honing effective communication and relationship skills, and mastering the art of setting boundaries and resisting negative social pressures. Our curriculum not only imparts knowledge but also fosters practical skills and habits that contribute to holistic well-being, ensuring that students are well-prepared with life skills to navigate personal and community health.

Health Courses

Physical Education

The Physical Education course offerings include strength training, yoga, dance, cardio fitness, martial arts, individual sports, team sports, aquatics and outdoor education. It is our goal that the experiences provided by these activities will contribute to the development of an active, healthy lifestyle. Through our Physical Education courses, we aim to instill a passion for physical activity, encouraging students to view fitness not as a chore but as an essential and enjoyable aspect of their lives. By providing a diverse and enriching curriculum, the department strives to empower every student by contributing not only to personal well-being but also to the vitality of the entire community.

Physical Education Courses

Recreation / Intramurals

If you’re interested in playing your favorite sport, trying out a new activity, or just want to meet people with similar interests, check out Intramurals! Intramurals are all about participation, interaction, staying active, and most importantly – having fun. Intramural activities are organized for friendly, fun competition. 

The Intramural sports and wellbeing programs offer a variety of activities for students throughout the semester. During club hour the P-building is full of students participating in activities like, basketball, soccer, pickleball, dodgeball, volleyball, yoga, and fitness. Wellbeing programs are offered late afternoon as well. Students are encouraged to visit the ۰ıintramural page.

Intramural Sports

Personal Training Micro Credential 

The Personal Training Micro Credential offers students an opportunity to become a certified personal trainer. Upon successful completion of the 6 courses students will be eligible to take the National Council on Strength and Fitness Certification.

Personal Training

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